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    Supply Your Minerals AroundThe World.

    Have you got a mineral sand stock that you are looking forward to sell? then you have come to the correct place. By registering as a supplier with Jaysons Minnerals you get easy access to all the buyers around the world with ease. We will duely update you with all the minerals stock requirement around the globe

    How can you help me sell my Mineral Sand Stock?

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    01.Register at www.JaysonsMinerals.com as a supplier by visiting the registration page

    02.The supplier will be verified by Jaysons Minerals.

    03.An advanced verification will be carried out by the bank on the Buyers request (additional Charges may apply)

    04.An Agent from Jaysons Minerals will be allocated to handle the suppliers account. Our Agents will be able to communicate in English, Chinese and Russian.

    05.The supplier will be notified of buyer inquiries by the allocated Agent

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    What are the benefits of trading with Jaysons minerals

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      You will be able to communicate with buyers and suppliers from around the world with ease.

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      You will be able to communicate through our agents and avoid language barriers as we have team members from around the world who will coordinate on behalf of you.

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      All registered suppliers and buyers will be verified by us. Buyers and Suppliers have the choice of getting an Advanced international verification at an additional cost.

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      You will have access to the availability of Stocks from around the world.

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      You will have access to requirements of stocks from around the world.

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      Registration for the first year will be free of Charge for all buyers and suppliers with a choice of renewing registration at the end of the first year.

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      The news letter will have updates of availability and happenings in the industry.