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    Jaysons Minerals (Pvt) Ltd

    Jaysons Minerals (Pvt) Ltd founded in December 2012 is a subsidiary company of Jaysons Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. The company was originally formed to facilitate buyers and sellers of Sri Lankan origin minerals. Sri Lanka's rich mineral deposits consist of ilmenite, rutile, zircon, garnet, feldspar, dolomite, Kaolin, Mica, quartz and many more. Jaysons Minerals undertakes the facilitation of sample collection, stock inspection, tender participation, loading, packaging, transportation, shipping, local forwarding and so on for minerals in Sri Lanka. Jaysons minerals also arranges travel arrangements, hotel bookings, vehicle, airplane, helicopter visits to mining sites on request.

    Mineral Sand Exporting

    we are in the business of mining, processing and exporting of mineral sands.

    Mineral Trading

    discover an easy access to the rich reserves of industrial minerals from Sri Lanka

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